Samsung Together - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for business
Title: Samsung Together - Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for business
Date: Thursday, October 28, 2021
Time: 11:00 SGT
Duration: 1 hour
Samsung Together is a virtual event for all innovators in business.

In this event, we unfold a new world with our innovative Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, a cutting-edge foldable device that changes the paradigm for business, giving professionals across a wide range of industries next-level connectivity and on-the-go productivity.

Sessions include speakers from our mobile B2B team in Samsung, as well as sessions from our long-standing partners.

Unfold your world with Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for business.
KC Choi KC Choi
EVP, Head of Global Mobile B2B
Samsung Electronics
Victor Edgar Delgado Victor Edgar Delgado
Manager, B2B Partnership
Samsung Electronics
Eric Shin Eric Shin
Manager, B2B Product Management
Samsung Electronics
Kevin Tobin Kevin Tobin
Director, B2B Partnership
Samsung Electronics
Rick Yoon Rick Yoon
Director, Head of Mobile B2B Marketing
Samsung Electronics
Sean  Ginevan Sean Ginevan
Head of Global Strategy & Digital Initiatives
Android Enterprise Business
Vishnu Nath Vishnu Nath
Partner Director, PM MMX US
Microsoft Corporation
Likhit  Wagle Likhit Wagle
General Manager, Global Banking
Greg Taylor Greg Taylor
Worldwide Sales Leader, Global Device Partners Group,
Microsoft Corporation
Caitlin Anderson Caitlin Anderson
Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group,
Andrew Corkill Andrew Corkill
Vice President, Global Marketing,
Luigi Brugnano Luigi Brugnano
Head of Mobile Solutions,
Project Informatica
Title: Samsung Together 2021 - Galaxy Book for Business - EUCIS
Date: Thursday, September 16, 2021
Time: 13:00PM BST
Duration: 1hour 30minutes
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